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One of the key concerns of any clinician who practises surgery is the biology of healing. As a clinician who practises surgery in the bacteria-rich environment of the mouth, it’s something I have particularly good reason to fret about. Since I began dentistry, techniques and products for accelerating healing have progressed constantly, and I make a point of keeping abreast of the research.

So I was intrigued to see this little discussion on an American forum about the use of amniotic fluid in implant surgery. The amnion is the membrane that contains the foetus during pregnancy. Its purpose is to protect and preserve the rapidly-growing little human being within, so it makes sense that the fluid it contains might have some pretty clever stuff in it, when it comes to the promotion of tissue growth – which is really what we mean by ‘healing’.

These products are not yet cleared for use in Australia, but I’m going to be watching out for them, and for further research into their effectiveness.